Wednesday, 22 September 2010

An extra wedding in the family…

Seems like Russ and Nat’s wedding on 5th November isn’t the only one in the family this year.  Granddaughter Flo’s reception class at school are learning about weddings in Religious Studies, and they had a ‘pretend wedding’ this morning in the church, complete with vicar, bridesmaids, ushers, guests – the lot!!  Flo was the bride (might have known!!) 


The rings


The Bride and Groom

63364_10150279852995414_868990413_14999619_7136450_n Great fun was had by all, and vast quantities of sausage rolls were consumed at the ‘reception’ afterwards

63364_10150279852990414_868990413_14999618_2389369_n The Bride’s mother cried, and so did the Bride when she realized everyone was looking at her!

NB – I have deleted the original post with the un-cropped and un-blurred photos because Emma reminded me that I hadn’t got the permission of the other parents to publish photos of their children.  Sad world, isn’t it!

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