Thursday, 16 September 2010

The middle of nowhere

We left our mooring at Cosgrove this morning, planning to moor just half an hour along at ‘The Navigation’.

SDC11161 Pretty Cosgrove Bridge

However, we had to bypass that as the building of the new Thrupp Marina has meant that several mooring spots on the opposite bank have been sacrificed as they are directly opposite the entrance, which left only space for about 4 boats, all of which were taken.  But, hey-ho, not to worry, it was a nice morning so we decided to press on a bit and look for a spot in the countryside.  We soon came across a nice stretch of Armco, just big enough for one boat – so we nabbed it.  Not a moment too soon, as what had been a lovely sunny morning 15 minutes before became a howling, gale and threatening sky.  We had timed it just right for a change, and got inside before the heavens opened!

SDC11162 Just about to chuck it down!

The sun came out again before long so Cassie and I went for a walk.  There are a great many berries on the trees and in the hedgerows again this autumn – does that mean another hard winter, do you think, or is it just another old wives tale.

SDC11164 Hawthorne (I think) and rosehips in abundance

SDC11166 Our mooring in the middle of nowhere – lovely and quiet!


Later on in the afternoon we spotted this bird patrolling the towpath beside the boat several times. After looking in our ‘What’s This?’ book we think it was an immature pheasant but whether it was a male or a female, we couldn’t tell -  we also think that it might have lost it’s Mum.  If anyone knows different, please let us know.

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