Saturday, 4 September 2010

Harefield-Cassiobury Park

We had a slow trip today due to almost continuous moored boats, 5.5 hours, 8.5 miles and 10 locks, some of which we shared and some we did alone.  The only thing of note worth blogging about today is that we met Ernie on nb Ten Bob Note, a fellow blogger.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera in my pocket, so no photo.  Nice to see you Ernie. 

We are moored by Cassiobury Park, between Iron Bridge Lock and Cassiobury Park Locks.  We originally moored a little below Iron Bridge Lock, but no telly picture there due to trees, so we moved to find a spot a little less overhung.

SDC11126 Our mooring for tonight

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  1. Hi Pip, Roger, we were at Cassiobury Park about this time last year on our way to London. Did you find time to have a walk around? It really is a beautiful place especially early morning when there are long shadows. I took some great pictures which are on my blog. Hoping that Roger's foot is healing well.


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