Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Yesterday we made the short trip from Hemel Hempstead to Winkwell, just 3 locks and a swing bridge, but it still took us the best part of a couple of hours!  We shared the locks with a single-hander (the same chap who was ahead of us the day before) so I still did all the work!!  We went for a meal in the Three Horseshoes, but not a good night to choose as they had a Comedy Night later on, but as we didn’t want to stay for it we ate in the bar – we both had Moules Mariniere, but I couldn’t finish mine, and felt very sick during the night – I won’t be risking shell-fish again unless I’ve cooked it myself!  There can’t have been anything wrong with it though as Rog finished off mine and he was fine.
Feeling fine again this morning, we set off towards Berkhamsted, 10 locks, about 5 miles, 4.5 hours.  We shared most of the locks with a lovely couple on nb Indulgence.  It was nice to share with someone who knew what they were doing, and were happy to chat along the way.  They have gone on to moor at Cowroast for the night, but we may catch them up tomorrow.  We got totally soaked in a very short heavy shower just as we were coming into Berkhamsted, but as we had planned to stop for a few bits and pieces at the lovely Waitrose in Berko, it didn’t matter.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t as lovely as it was 10 years ago – the serve-yourself part which used to have beautiful salads, pasta salads and fresh fruit salad had gone – I was reduced to buying some pre-packed fruit salad, but of course you have to put up with what they decide to put in it rather than choosing the fruit yourself – what a shame – I suppose they are all too worried about whether some psycho might add something nasty to it if it is just in open bowls.  The sun came out as we moored, but as soon as we set off again an hour and a half later, the heavens opened yet again!
We are moored for the night now just near Northchurch, a nice quiet spot apart from the occasional train.  We plan to make Marsworth tomorrow, and maybe stay for a day or two.
SDC11134 Berkhamstead Totem Pole
SDC11135 Plaque on Bridge 141, commemorating the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater

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