Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Objective achieved…

Yesterday morning we made the short hop from Stoke Bruerne to Blisworth Marina – through the Blisworth Tunnel and on to Gayton Junction where the marina is situated, arriving about midday.

SDC11174 Blisworth Marina

SDC11173Gayton Junction looking down the Northampton Arm of the GU – just the other side of the bridge from the marina entrance

As marinas go, it’s one of the nicest we’ve been in – most of the boats are on leisure moorings and not lived on much of the time so it’s quite quiet.  There is a railway line and a main road close by, but don’t they bother us much.  Everyone we have spoken to is very friendly, and we are moored over on the far side, with a large bit of rough grass between us and the canal, good for Cassie.  I can’t say that the thought of living in a marina for the next few months fills me with enthusiasm, but we really need to get Rog’s toe sorted out and we need to be able to get to and from St Mary’s in Paddington easily by car, whatever the weather.  He also needs to rest his foot a lot to allow it to heal.

Mum lives only a 20 minute car journey away, so if and when we get a bit stir-crazy, we can de-camp to hers for a little while.

Russ is picking Rog up tomorrow and taking him back to Willowtree to collect the car, so at least we will be mobile.  We think we might try and have a day out somewhere we’ve never been once a week to keep the boredom at bay.

I will do the odd blog now and again when there is anything to blog about, but they won’t be very frequentso TTFN to all our readers!!

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  1. Hi Pip and Roger, Hope you cope ok being 'still' in the water over winter. We hope also that Rog's toe heals up completely after being rested and look forward to the occasional blog from your goodselves!


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