Thursday, 9 September 2010

Marsworth - Horton

A short trip today, only 3 hours, 4 miles, and 8 locks.  We started out in glorious sunshine, a perfect cruising day, but we knew that there was rain coming later. 

Something I forgot to put in yesterdays blog – as we were arriving at Marsworth, we were hailed by a couple - “We read your blog”.  It was a nice surprise as we do this to other people all the time, but it’s not often done to us, we don’t believe our blog is very widely read.  They found it through the Beacon Boats website, they had been there looking for boat builders, but unfortunately Beacon didn’t have a build slot available until late 2012 so they were forced to go elsewhere.  The boat is to be called nb Yew Tew, and should be ready sometime in October.  Really sorry both, but I can’t remember your names (I’m rotten with names!). Good luck with the launch, and I will look forward to reading your blog – you know you can do it!!!

Before we left Marsworth this morning, I spent some more of Rog’s pension – we saw a mobile smithy at ‘The Globe’ at Linslade last year (photo from last year’s August blog – ‘Introducing Nat to Boating’) and I tried to get a couple of his planters made from old gas bottles, but he wasn’t around.  Well this time we struck lucky, he was moored just a few yards along the bank from us, so this morning I trotted along and bought 2.  I have to paint them myself, but I’m happy with that, and they are so heavy they won’t blow over in the wind.


SDC11157 My new planters

SDC11149 SDC11148 Perfect weather, lovely countryside

SDC11150 Proof-positive that BW do grease the lock gear – a man with an oil can, a bucket of grease and a paintbrush, and when I worked the next lock which he had already done, I got covered in lock-grease!

SDC11151 Ivinghoe Beacon

SDC11152 Seabrook Lock Cottage

SDC11153 Rog getting soaked just as we were looking for somewhere to moor!  I disappeared inside - he he

SDC11155 Rog caught a nice carp this afternoon – it gave him a bit of a fight though

SDC11158-1 Nice rainbow across the other side of the canal


  1. It's nice to have you back cruising and blogging.

  2. Thanks Adam - it's nice to be back.
    We've missed meeting up with you this summer - maybe next year.
    Pip & Roger


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