Sunday, 12 September 2010

Old Linslade

Thursday evening at Horton was a bit of a trial – I was just starting to cook the dinner when the boat took on an alarming list to port.  Legging it outside to see what was happening, we discovered a boat in the lock  - the two drunken blokes on it had been trying to fill the lock for ages, with the bottom paddles still up!  It had taken over a foot of water out of the pound and we were sitting on the mud at the edge.  I sorted them out and decided that I’d better hike up to the next lock (one or a pair close together) to let some water down.  Good job I did because they got stuck on the mud!  I a managed to let about 2 locks full down before I became worried at the level in the pound above, but I heard a boat was coming down the 1st lock of the pair so I closed up the paddles and hiked back to the boat.  We were still on the bottom, but by the time that boat had come down, and then the drunks had gone up we were a little more level.  However, we did wonder if we would wake up during the night crumpled at the bottom of our cross-bed!  But all was well, and by the time we got up in the morning the pound was only a few inches down. It was raining so we decided to stay where we were and have a day off.  Rog got the tidying bug and tidied out a couple of cupboards.

On Saturday morning we left Horton and headed for Leighton Buzzard and Tesco.  Just after lunch, full of water and provisions and empty of the other stuff (!) we travelled a little further on and moored at Old Linslade.  Today we went for Sunday lunch in the Globe Inn, and very good it was too.  Might just have to go and sleep it off in a minute.


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    Good to see you back on the move! Hope Rog is improving!



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