Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Northchurch - Marsworth

This morning dawned very grey and dismal with cloud so low that it was almost raining.  We set off with another boat and shared the two locks to Cowroast, where we emptied what needed emptying (!) and filled what needed filling. The diesel was a bit pricey at 81p and £1.30, but we needed to top up the tank.  At least they were happy to accept any split, so we did our usual 30/70.

SDC11137 Cowroast Lock – mostly downhill from now on

SDC11136 Cowroast Marina

Thereafter, I had a longish stretch without having to work any locks, as we were on the Tring summit until Marsworth Locks

SDC11138 Tring Cutting

SDC11139 The old BW yard at Bulbourne, now used as a steelworks to produce large steel sculptures for the home and garden

SDC11140 Bulbourne Junction – the start of the Wendover Arm, we did this bit last year

SDC11142 Approaching the middle lock of the Marsworth flight of seven

SDC11143 We are now moored beside Startops Reservoir

SDC11146 Just ahead of fellow blogger Les on nb Valerie – we had a good old chat to catch up as we haven’t seen him since this time last year, moored at Braunston.

SDC11147 Rog did a bit of fishing from inside the pram-hood, caught a good fish on his first cast, but nothing else so he packed up.

May stay here and have a day or two off now as we are making good time.  There may not be a great deal to blog about from now on as we did all this part of the GU last year, but if I can find something different to say and some different photos to take I’ll do a post.

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