Monday, 13 June 2011

Audlem to Market Drayton…

Saturday 11th June

The morning dawned bright and clear, and the sun was shining as we set off up the  flight, waving goodbye to another of our favourite places on the system.  There was a short queue for the second lock we encountered, but from then on it was not too bad a trip up the flight, except for the fact that we had probably the slowest and least competent of hire-boat crews in front of us!  Poor bloke had to have 3 goes at getting into each lock – misjudging it first on one side and ending up with his bow on the bank, then on the other side, bow onto the bank again, before he managed to get the little 35 footer into the locks!  One particular time, when Rog went up to help while we were waiting, one of the wives had been sent on in front to check whether there were any boats coming down (unnecessary as none were in sight!) and Rog followed on intending to help get the next lock ready for them – Mrs had disappeared from view, and was at least 3 locks ahead, so Rog just emptied the lock ready for them!  Don’t think she quite understood the concept!

Moored between locks 2 and 3 we spotted what we believe to be a fellow blogger’s boat, nb Bobcat, but there didn’t seem to be anybody about.  As we exited the last lock, the clouds rolled over, and by the time we moored below the Adderley flight, rain was threatening.  We were moored again in front of nb Delilah, and Cassie renewed her acquaintance with Murphy and Sadie, and we had another chat with Jane and Ian.  After it had stopped raining we walked up the five locks to the Adderley Wharf Farm Shop (situated by Lock 1) where we bought bacon, sausages, chicken breasts and pork and apple burgers, also a Lemon Drizzle cake.  Orders are also taken over the phone to be ready for collection – Simon 07710 312747 or Alison 07947 389098. 

SDC10734Early on

SDC10736Having swapped over – Rog working now

SDC10737nb Bobcat

SDC10738The top of the flight

SDC10742All this and much, much more!

2.5 miles and 13 locks

Sunday 12th June                                                                                            We had planned to go up Adderley Locks and on to Market Drayton, but it started to rain at breakfast time, and just got worse and worse so we decided to stay where we were.  It turned out to be a wise decision as it was a foul day and didn’t stop raining, even for a minute, until about 7 pm.  We had very little phone signal and no internet at all, so all this will be posted on Monday when we reach Market Drayton.

Monday 13th June                                                                                            A much better morning this morning, a very quick trip up Adderley Locks, with all of them in our favour, stopping only to buy some more bacon from the Farm Shop at the top lock as it was so nice we ate it all!  A completely uneventful trip to Market Drayton saw us here well before lunch, so we moored, had a coffee and then set out for Netto for supplies.  We have had an email from an old friend who is currently on a course at RAF Shawbury so we may have a visitor later on today, we will stay here and move on a little tomorrow.  We have an engine service booked at Norbury Junction on Thursday morning, so we will have a gentle tootle, and plan to arrive sometime on Wednesday.

3.7 miles and 5 locks

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