Sunday, 26 June 2011

River weather…

This morning we left Stourport and locked down the two staircase locks onto the River Severn.  We hadn’t been going long when the sun came out and it became very hot.  This is ‘river weather’ for Windsong – all the time last year we spent on the Thames the sun beat down, and again this year in April when we were on the Weaver, so ‘river weather’ has entered Windsong’s vocabulary!  We arrived at Lincomb Lock to find that there was a planned power outage, and their generator had broken down!  Three large cruisers and three narrowboats were waiting.  To add insult to injury for the gin-palaces, the locky could only open one gate manually so anything over 10 feet wide couldn’t get in!  Shame!!  Two narrowboats went in and down the lock ahead of us, and we jumped in front of the cruisers and joined the other waiting narrowboat for the next trip down.

We passed the entrance to the newly restored Droitwich Barge Canal, due to open next weekend.  Rumour has it that 60 plus boats are booked to travel up it over the weekend – it’s going to be busy, glad we are doing this stretch now.  We had a lovely trip down the river and are now moored in Worcester.

SDC10840Waiting for Lincomb Lock

SDC10841River weather – blue skies and blazing sun!

SDC10842The start of the Droitwich Barge Canal

SDC10846Our mooring in Worcester

SDC10843 Dragon racing training

SDC10848Worcester Racecourse, just up the bank from our mooring

12 miles and 7 locks


  1. Hi, where are you heading for..? We did the trip to Sharpness back in 2007 and just got back off the Seven before the big floods.

  2. Were heading for Tewkesbury and maybe Sharpness, but plans changed when the river came up overnight - now heading to Kings Norton the the Worcs and Birmingham Canal.


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