Monday, 27 June 2011

Change of plan…

This morning when we awoke, the boat had tipped alarmingly and the ropes were tight as a guitar string and pulling us over – the river had come up over a foot overnight!  It was now well into the amber and rising, so, not wanting to be caught and stuck if it went into the red, it was decided that we would leave the river at Diglis and go up the Worcs and Birmingham Canal to Kings Norton and do the Stratford Canal the other way around.  Another factor was that the Stratford on Avon Festival is on next weekend which is probably when we were due to arrive, and it is bound to be rammed.  I was looking forward to a week of not having to do locks and I can’t say I am thrilled at the prospect of doing Tardebigge, but I suppose we need to do it sometime!  The canal leaves Worcester through the arse-end of town, so not much worth photographing.   We stopped at the Viqueen, YellowPerilViking Aground, Viking Afloat hire base for diesel and by the time we had got out of Worcester and found somewhere half decent to moor, it was 3.30.  Now moored at Tibberton.  The weather has been mostly hot, cloudy and very humid, with a couple of showers of rain – not pleasant at all.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

SDC10849Blockhouse Lock

SDC10850Squeezed in amongst the Yellow Perils for diesel

6.7 miles and 16 locks


  1. We went to the Stratford festival the other year and had no problem getting a mooring in the basin. Arrived just after lunch on Friday after the Thursday over nighters had left and the hire boats not arrived.
    In the river all the moorings were haken by those attending the festival but its so wide it didn't effect anyone else.

  2. But you were so close, you would have had time to wait. Rivers go down as fast as they go up. You thought we were mad doing the L&L and Rochdale with the amount of locks, have you counted how many you will be doing? 58 to Kings Norton and 54 to Stratford
    Karen & Ian, nb Serenity

  3. It will keep you fit! We did them a couple of years ago, Tardebigge all against us, never saw another boat until we got to the top, then it was wall to wall all moored, hence no moorings, some kind sole sqeezed up so we could get in!

    Its well worth it!

  4. What you need is help up Tardebigge. Lesley and Joe have had the practice -- they helped us do 41 locks between Astwood and Tardebigge before lunch; you'll just have to hope they're reading the blog and take pity on you!

    nb Briar Rose
    (having trouble posting comments again)

  5. I am reading the blog Adam, but, and it is a big but, I am in Essex as of Tuesday and himself has no car to get to Tardebigge, so sorry Pip, we cannot assist this time.
    It is a lovely canal and going UP the flight is better than going down because many of the locks will be in you favour;they leak.
    take care


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