Friday, 10 June 2011


We made the short trip to Audlem this morning, intending to go up four locks and then moor as we needed to go into the village, and it would be rude not to visit the Shroppie Fly and Audlem Mill shop as we were here.  But a mooring became vacant just as we came up the second lock so we grabbed it!  In fact it is nicer than those a little further up as there are no houses towpath-side here, just a field full of sheep.  We were moored up by 10.30 so we sat in the sun with a coffee and then headed into the village to get our few bits and pieces.  Lunch was partaken at the Shroppie Fly and I spent more money in Audlem Mill shop – I love that place!  I can never go in without buying something.  Back at the boat, we sat out a short sharp shower and then got into conversation with the couple on the boat moored behind us – nb Delilah.  They have two beautiful Flat Coat Retrievers, and Cassie fell instantly in love with Murphy!  We bought eggs and bacon at the little butchers shop which is situated in a tiny hut just beside Lock 15 – the eggs are all double-yolked and huge!  The rest of Audlem Locks will be tackled tomorrow.

SDC10732Too big for the box!

SDC10731Murphy, Sadie and Cassie all hoping for a biscuit

SDC10733The Shroppie Fly and Audlem Mill (again – sorry folks!!)

SDC10726Peaceful little mews in Audlem

SDC10727Audlem Church

SDC10728Hoping for Pork Scratchings at the pub!

2.1 miles and 2 locks

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