Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fancy seeing you here!…

Today was a day of meetings – not bloggers, but people we have met along the way.

We stopped at Greensforge Lock services to ‘do the necessary’ and were just filling with water when a familiar looking boat drew up behind us.  It was nb ‘Plan B’, who’s owners, Peter and Diane, we first met at Crick when we were deciding who to ask to build Windsong.  Plan B was built by Heartwood, who were our chosen builders at the time, and we were shown round her so we could see a boat that was a couple of years old.  As most of our readers will know, we didn’t go with Heartwood in the end we chose Beacon Boats instead although we did keep in touch with Heartwood.  We then met Peter and Diane again in the winter of 2009 as they were moored at Pilings.  We had a catch-up while they were watering.  They are going the same way as us so we may meet up again.

We started looking for a mooring spot early on today. The Staffs and Worcs is very overgrown and overshadowed by trees, and we needed an open spot to get a telly signal tonight as we didn’t want to miss ’The Apprentice’. We stopped about 12.30 just between Stourton Junction and Stewponey Lock. We went for a little walk up a few locks on the Stourbridge Canal, and there we met our next set of acquaintances – Nigel and Lorna on nb Goosander, whom we met in Manchester earlier this year and again a couple of time since. We helped them down a few locks, nattering all the way, but they had to continue on to Kinver for an appointment with Wilson’s about some seat covers. We will hopefully catch up with them tomorrow.


SDC10796Peter and Diane, and nb Plan B

SDC10797Spotted hidden behind trees at Greensforge Lock – an old warehouse or a pumping station? Anyone know?

SDC10799Very overgrown – BW could do with getting the vegetation cut back

SDC10801Stourton Junction

SDC10802Lorna and nb Goosander

SDC10804Tiny little arm, tucked away behind the first lock on the Stourbridge Canal, at the bottom of someone’s garden – what a lovely peaceful mooring that must be

SDC10805Circular spill weir, all the locks hereabouts have them


SDC10807The old Toll House – used to be a canal crafts and gift shop, now sadly empty

SDC10808Stewponey Wharf

4.3 miles and 4 locks

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  1. Hi Both
    The house and moorings are for sale, advertised in July's WW. If you've £550k to hand.....


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