Saturday, 18 June 2011

Goldstone Wharf to Norbury Junction…

Wednesday 15th June

We made the short trip to Norbury Junction without incident.  It was a sunny morning, but 15 minutes before we arrived it started to rain, so we got a bit wet while we tied up.  Later we walked to the office to find out where they wanted us for our engine service on Thursday morning, and bought a fender hanger to replace the one broken last year – the broken one is chrome, but, having failed to find one over the past year, we have bought a brass one for the time being – we’ll keep looking!

SDC10755Grub Street cutting

SDC10756The old Cadbury Wharf

SDC10759The obligatory photo of Bridge 36 – the most photographed bridge on the Shroppie, if not the whole of the canal network.  Hopefully we didn’t disturb the monkey-like creature who is said to haunt this bridge!

7.4 miles and 0 locks

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  1. I have so many photo's of this bridge when we had our first ever boat Somnia, back when I was about 10!! Hope's all is well with you Rog and Cassie, I get my fix of the canals from your blog at the moment as haven't been able to get on Water Impulse with the rents due to silly Uni work.

    Pip x


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