Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Back on the road (cut) again…

Rog drove us back to the boat yesterday, we dumped the bags and the dog and went to do a massive shop at Sainsbury’s in Crewe.  He then proceeded to leave me with all the shopping and luggage to unpack, and set off to take the car back to Northampton.  It took me all afternoon!! 

Rog came back this morning by train, and while I was waiting I filled the water tank, emptied the loo cassette and even took the TV aerial down. Gulped a bit when I went to the office to settle up – not the cheapest marina we have ever been in by a long way – but needs must!

He arrived back about 12 o’clock and we were just getting ready to set off when the heaven’s opened.  Needless to say, we waited half and hour until it had eased off.  Five minutes later we were in the longest queue for a lock that we have been in for years – we were no 7!  We only waited an hour as two small boats went in together.  We didn’t mind though, it was just great to be back on the cut again.  We got a bit wet in another sharp shower while we were waiting, but by the time we were through the sun was shining again.  Up another lock and we moored at Cholmondeston, just above Venetian Marina, where we moored at Easter, just in time to dodge another shower.

SDC10675Queue at the lock

SDC10676Moored at Cholmondeston, just in time to avoid the next shower

all of 1.7 miles and 2 locks

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