Saturday, 18 June 2011

A day or two at Norbury…

Thursday 16th June

We have hardly any internet signal here at Norbury, so these posts will be published once we have a decent enough signal, which probably won’t be until Saturday.

We have had our engine service, and are now moored up just below the junction.  We had a text from our old friend Stu to say he was coming to see us today so we will stay put, probably also tomorrow as the weather forecast is for a rotten day, rain and high winds.

Stu duly arrived just after 2.30, and found us, where else but at the pub!  It was great to see you again Stu, pity Fiona wasn’t here as well.  Come and find us in August when you are over again, if you have the time and we aren’t too far away.

SDC10761Moored beside nb Debdale, awaiting our engine service.  This one’s for you, Adam and Adrian!

SDC10766Unfortunately, no winding-hole near enough to take Stu for a quick spin, so he had to pretend!


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  1. Hi Pip and Rog, we would have been on board Debdale at the moment, if we hadn't bought Briar Rose. I believe the new owners of our share could only use a few days of the fortnight, which would explain why Debdale was still on the wharf.

    Adam & Adrian

    PS: Don't forget to change Debdale to Briar Rose on your blog list!


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