Saturday, 12 March 2011

Almost ready for the off…

Windsong is now re-equipped, re-provisioned, re-fuelled and almost ready for the off on Monday morning.  Just Cassie to collect from my Mum’s tomorrow (Cassie gets very stressed with all the packing, to-ing and fro-ing that we have to do that we try not to subject her to it), a quick trip to the garden centre for compost, pots and something pretty to put in my new planters (cut-down gas bottles that we bought from the Smithy boat at the back end of last year, now painted a glossy black), then the car needs a wash as it is to sit on Mum’s drive for the new few months (she won’t like it if it’s dirty!)  We’ve worked hard the last few days, we hadn’t realised how much stuff we had taken off when we de-camped to the cottage in December, and we are now knackered, so feet up with a pizza tonight!  Pity the telly is so rubbish on a Saturday night! Good job we are so knackered, the bed felt awfully hard last night. Compared to our brand new pocket spring one in the cottage, I felt like I was sleeping on a park bench!  We’ll get used to it again I suppose. 


  1. Why not get a GOOD matress for the boat, you are going to spend half the rest of your life on it.

  2. We have got a GOOD mattress on the boat, it's just that it is a very firm one, and will take some getting used to after sleeping on a softer one all winter. If we can't get used to it after a month we will look into buying another.


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