Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blowin’ in the Wind…

Continuing on from yesterday’s faintly musical title – we certainly were ‘blowin’ in the wind’ today.  At certain times we thought we were at sea!  Boating today was ‘challenging’.

SDC10201Waves on the canal in the strong wind, which was blowing straight into our faces

At one point, after pulling in to the side to let Ian off for a lock, Karen got blown right over the other side of the canal and got stuck in the mud.  Luckily there was a way down to her from the bridge behind us, and the men went to help and managed to push her off.  We had already set the lock so she went hell for leather for the open gates.  Lock entries are also ‘interesting’ as each lock has a very strong by-wash below it, which pushes the front of the boat towards the side wall of the lock entrance – I have refused to drive the boat as I know I’ll crash into the locks – maybe I’ll drive on the way back.

SDC10202Struggling to overcome the wind and get out of the mud

It was impossible for Karen to get back to the towpath side to pick Ian up, but Rog managed to reverse into the mouth of the lock so Ian and I were both able to get aboard,  so we had a hitch-hiker for a little while – Rog let him drive!

SDC10206Ian at the helm of Windsong

SDC10207We stopped at Willey Moor Lock at the conveniently situated Tavern for lunch then continued on

SDC10209Strong by-wash

SDC10211Rog ‘giving it some wellie’ to avoid being swept into the lock wall

We are now moored below Grindley Brook Locks, ready to tackle them in the morning.  We had a stroll up the locks to re-acquaint ourselves – we used to come and gongoozle here many years ago. There is a cottage beside the bottom lock which was almost derelict in those days and I used to covet it, and imagine what it would be like fully restored.  We saw it advertised for sale in one of the waterways mags a few years ago and it is obviously lived in now, but not as attractive as I imagined it could be.  Memory playing tricks on me again!

SDC10212Bottom Lock cottage at Grindley Brook

5.7 miles and 4 locks


  1. Hi
    We love the paint work on your boat and would like to share this with our share owners as we are having new paintwork this year. I see your pictures are copywritten and wondered if I may use you boat as an example of our preferred paint scheme? We do not want to publish the pictures but need to send them to our co-owners
    Thanks v much

  2. As you posted as Anonymous, and didn't state your name, we have no idea who you are! If you'd like to comment again, letting us know who you are, and with a bit more information, such as the name of your shared boat, and the Boatshare company (if it is a company and not a private share boat) I don't see a problem. Also, we'd be interested to know why you chose this particular blog post to comment on, it being so old!


    Pip & Roger


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