Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Buckby to Braunston…

The weather was dull and very misty this morning as we set off up Buckby Locks – the first locks since last September.  Must say I was dreading it as I’m so unfit after the winter.  Turns out I was fine after all!

20110315Damp and misty morning

Having recently re-read Shirley Ginger’s Lock, Stock and Barrel, about her and her families adventures when they bought the cottage and ran the shop at Buckby Top Lock, I remembered to take a photo.  Unfortunately it is no longer a shop, but a private home.


20110315-2Top Lock Cottage

Onwards and through Braunston Tunnel – must be the first time that we haven’t met a boat coming the other way.


Braunston locks (6 of them) were soon out of the way – why does it always seem quicker going down a flight of locks than up? A quick stop to fill with water and to buy a couple of egg and bacon sarnies from the newly refurbished ‘Gongoozler’s Rest Cafe boat at the entrance to Braunston Marina.  No sooner had we scoffed them than we spotted nb Valerie, no sign of Les aboard though (pub?), then we came upon nb No Problem and nb Moore 2 Life around the corner.  Les was helping to install a new oven on No Problem.  Of course we had to stop for a chat and block the canal for a while!




20110315-11L-R, Ann & Chas (nb Moore 2 Life), Les (nb Valerie) and Sue and Vic (nb No Problem)

20110315-13Around the next bend we came upon nb Piston Broke – nobody aboard though.

More bloggers today than you can shake a stick at!!  We continued for 20 minutes or so up the North Oxford and found a nice quiet spot to moor for the night.  Bliss!


13 locks and 7.17 miles


  1. Hi Pip and Rog
    Glad you are blogging again, we have missed you! Just wondered whether you might be able to tell me how to add copyright to pictures as you have done, I can't seem to be able to find out how to do it, would really appreciate some help. Hope to meet up with you some time on the cut!. Best Wishes Doug

  2. Wow! What a great mug shot!
    :) Jaqueline

  3. Lovely to meet up again, and yes I agree with Jaq, super mugshots of us all.. have a great summer you two!

  4. Hi Doug - I have emailed you - not sure whether it will be much help though!

    Jaq - What a rogues gallery!!!
    Pip x

    Sue - and you - hope your new oven is all you wanted!!
    Pip x


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