Friday, 18 March 2011

Tuttle Hill to Alvecote…

Another dull morning, but not as cold as previous days.  We had an uneventful mornings cruising, and by the time we got to Atherstone Locks, the sun was shining.  We had a slow trip down the 11 locks - they were almost all against us as we had someone a couple of locks in front, and they are slow fillers.  We had a brief respite when we encountered a pair of boats owned by the Royal Navy and crewed by 15 sailors coming up the locks – many insults were exchanged as we passed!!

20110318-1Working down Atherstone Locks

We are now moored for the night opposite the ruined Alvecote Priory, which can just be glimpsed through the trees.

20110318-2Making the most of the sunshine on tonight’s mooring

20110318-3The ruins of Alvecote Priory, just visible through the trees

10.1 miles, 11 locks


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