Tuesday, 22 March 2011

First barbeque of the summer…

It was a glorious morning as we left our mooring just outside Rugeley.  Definitely an ‘I’d rather be boating’ day – and we were!


It didn’t take us long to get to Colwich Lock, but when we arrived we were No 5 in the queue!  It’s a long time since we were in that long a queue for a lock.

20110322-3Serenity and Windsong queuing for Colwich Lock

A slow gentle cruise past Shugborough Hall, and by the time we reached Haywood Lock the other boats had all gone through.

20110322-5Shugborough Hall

I made a quick dash to the Post Office to collect some mail – this is the first time we’ve had to try Poste Restante and I must say I was very impressed with Great Hayward Post Office’s efficiency, especially after some of the horror stories we have read on other blogs – all the mail awaiting collection was in a box under the counter and it took just a moment for the cashier to find my letters.  I was back at the lock within 5 minutes, before Karen and Ian were even at the top of the lock.

At the junction were turned onto the Staffs & Worcester canal, and cruised on a little way to Tixall Wide, where were moored and got out the barbeque!  The first this year, and we were so warm that we had to take our jumpers off!  And it’s only the third week of March – I hope it bodes well for the summer!!

20110322-12First bbq – not a very good photo as taken on my phone – but you get the drift!

3.8 miles and 2 locks

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  1. Aah no, you beat the Marina to it! Don't tell anyone!


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