Friday, 25 March 2011

Brewood–Norbury Junction…

And another lovely morning this morning!  Serenity’s visitor had phoned to say he would be later than planned so the meeting place was changed and we set off, hoping to make Norbury Junction for Steak night in the Junction Inn.  A fairly uneventful trip today, Serenity’s guest Dave was collected at Wheaton Aston and we both filled with fuel at Turners garage – 74.9p a litre, cheapest on the system!  We also met some old friends at Wheaton Aston – Sheena and Jim on nb Arlanza, whom we met 18 months ago at last nights SUCS moorings at Bridge 7.  They had a computer crash and lost our phone numbers, email and blog address, so it was lovely to be able to get in contact again.  We had a good old natter and promised to keep in touch.  I didn’t have my camera in my pocket and the boat was way ahead of me so no photo!  We arrived at Norbury about 2.30 and booked in for our steaks tonight!

20110325Typical Shroppie cutting, at Avenue Bridge

20110325-2Brewood Church

20110325-3Stretton Aqueduct

20110325-7Ian at the helm of Serenity – a rare occurrence indeed!!

20110325-8Gorgeous display of daffs in the garden of the former milk depot at Lord Talbot’s Wharf


20110325-10Norbury Junction – another weekend, another pub!

12.2 miles and 1 lock

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