Saturday, 26 March 2011

Where’s the sun gone…

This morning dawned dull and gloomy, and stayed that way!  We set off from Norbury Junction at around 9.30, heading for Market Drayton.  It was a chilly journey, it must have been, because I had to resort to my silly hat – and no, you’re not seeing a photo of me in it – I look ridiculous!!

20110326-1Bridge 39, Grub Street Cutting – legend has it that this bridge has been haunted by a black, monkey-like figure ever since a boatman was killed here in the 19th century

Just after Grub Street Cutting is the Anchor Inn, famous for selling Wadworth 6X from a jug brought up from the cellar, and not much else, no food, just a bag of crisps if you are lucky. Local boaters ‘in the know’ delight in misleading tourists (Yanks mostly), telling of the wonderful fine dining and the huge choice of cocktails available here!


20110326-3The former Cadbury’s Wharf at Knighton

20110326-6Following Serenity onto Woodseaves Cutting

20110326-7The obstruction where part of the cutting wall has collapsed  - there is just enough room for a boat to squeeze through


20110326-20Heading down Tyrley Locks – probably my most favourite flight on the whole system. Living fairly locally at the time, this is where we came before our first hire-boat trip, to watch and learn!

We are now moored in Market Drayton for the night – and it’s still dull, cloudy and cold!  Lets hope for a nicer day tomorrow.

11.4 miles and 5 locks

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