Thursday, 17 March 2011

Onto the Coventry…

Not much to blog about today – we’ve had a fairly uneventful day, apart from a minor hitch just as we were coming into Nuneaton, when we heard loud banging noises coming from below – we stopped and Rog went down the weed hatch but found nothing, so took the back deck board up and checked the engine, still nothing.  So we carried on, minus noise for a few minutes, then it came back.  It stopped again within a few seconds and hasn’t returned so perhaps we had something on the prop after all, which dropped off of it’s own accord.

It was another dull morning, but by about 11.30 the sun had come out and we started to remove layers of clothing.  We arrived at Hawkesbury Junction about 12 o’clock, watered, got rid of the rubbish and emptied loo cassettes and were on our way again up the Coventry Canal by about 12.45.

SDC10094Just finished filling with water at Hawkesbury Junction

SDC10095Steel sculpture called Wings over the Water on one of the bridges at Hawkesbury

SDC10096We passed Charity Dock, and I couldn’t resist taking yet another photo, it’s even more crammed with junk than last year!

On to Nuneaton, with it’s impressive quarry spoil tips, which we were glad to leave again.  There was so much rubbish in the canal, I would have been surprised if we hadn’t got something round the prop!  We are now moored for the night near Tuttle Hill, in the middle of nowhere, all on our own, which is just as we like it!

SDC10097Tonight’s mooring

15.1 miles and 1 lock


  1. Bet it feels good to be moving again. Will keep up with your blog, we were trying to work out which way you were going, which way are you going once you get to Fradley?

  2. Hi ALi & John. The plan is - Trent & Mersey, Staffs & Worcs, Shroppie, Llangollen. After that is all a mystery, depending on time we may go up to Chester on the Shroppie and/or go and do the Anderton Boat lift. Triskaideka is coming along nicely - not long now until June. Are you planning on going out straight away?


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