Monday, 14 March 2011

And we’re off…

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful morning to begin our 2011 cruising.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and signs of spring were everywhere.  There was real warmth in the sun in places, promising that summer is not too far away.

20110314-14Daffs and buds of blossom on the trees

We left Blisworth Marina about 10 o’clock, having said a sad goodbye to Claire, the Marina Manager’s wife (Steve, the Manager wasn’t around).  Thank you both for your friendship and kindness – we will keep in touch, and please keep reading the blog, Claire.

20110314-5Furness Wharf near Nether Heyford

20110314-8Flore village – one for Mum’s friend June – she was born here


At Weedon Bec we spotted fellow bloggers nb The Maisibert – unfortunately there was nobody on board – sorry to have missed you, Andy and Hilary, it would have been nice to catch up, it’s ages since we saw you last.


Cassie, off for a ‘comfort break’ – well, she was supposed to be having a pee, but there were far too many interesting smells she got distracted!

By about 1.30 the M1 started to make it’s presence felt (heard!) and we approached Buckby.  We decided not to go up the 7 Buckby Locks today as we know that mooring is scarce up the top, so we are moored for the night a few hundred yards below the locks.  It’s going to be a noisy one, we know from experience as we’ve moored here before – the M1 one side and the railway the other!

20110314-15Tonight’s mooring

20110314-16 The M1

20110314-17The railway line

Having fortified ourselves with a cuppa, we set off to do some geo-caching, to look for a cache that we had searched for in 2009, but not found – this time we found it without problem, and liberated a ‘trackable’ to move on to another cache.  We then proceeded to look for another, but as Rog had deleted it from the GPS we had to guess where it was – needless to say we didn’t find it! 

10.6 miles, 0 locks

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