Monday, 7 March 2011

Getting ready…

We were over at the marina today, starting to get the boat ready for cruising.  We took a bit of stuff back that we had brought home for the winter (we seem to have spent most of this winter either taking stuff off the boat or putting it back on!)  I unpacked the box of stuff and then gave the fridge, freezer and oven a good clean, and Rog did some touching up of paintwork.  After we had finished, we locked up and Rog gave the back deck a new coat of non-slip paint.  Hopefully it will dry before it rains!  The plan is to set off next Monday (14th), weather permitting, for a cruise up to Llangollen before the season starts.  We found out today that many of the escapees from our marina will be heading for the Llangollen too, so maybe it won’t be as quiet as we supposed!

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