Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back on the Grand ‘Onion’…

Yesterday we continued up the Stratford to Kingswood Junction, and turned onto the GU.  It was nice to have wide bridges again!  We moored near the Tom o’ the Wood pub at Turner’s Green, but decided to eat on board.

SDC11013Goodbye to the Stratford

SDC11015Nice wide bridges

This morning we moved on, through Shrewley Tunnel and moored, with difficulty, by Bridge 56, which is right beside Hatton Railway Station, so we could put Mum on the train back to Northampton.  She had a wait of over an hour for the train, and I felt really bad just leaving her there to wait on her own, but she insisted that she’d be fine.  We then moved on a short way to near the top of Hatton Locks which we will tackle tomorrow morning.  Mum phoned when she got home. She was home within 2 hours of leaving Hatton – not bad with 2 changes of train, and a taxi.

SDC11017Pretty Warwickshire countryside through a bridge

SDC11018and after the bridge

SDC11019Shrewley tunnel

SDC11021-1Mum waiting at the station as we cruised past

SDC11022Moored about 10 minutes from the top of Hatton Flight


View from the side hatch

Wednesday 6.3 miles and 17 locks

Today  3.5 miles and 0 locks

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