Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A ‘red letter’ day…

More of that in a moment. 

Waiting for the first lock of the day to discharge it’s occupant which was none other than our namesake, whom we first saw and photographed last year near Napton.  We had a quick chat and then he was on his way.

SDC11038The other ‘Windsong’

The ‘red letter day’ – we had someone to share locks with!  Having done the first few locks alone, being closely followed by 2 boats who were rapidly catching us up, we did the decent thing and pulled in to fill with water, and to let them pass.  Before the next lock one of them stopped to moor at Long Itchington, so we caught up the other boat and shared the rest of today’s locks with them – a lovely couple on nb Autumn Gold.  We flew up the Stockton Flight, and it made a nice change.

SDC11039Windsong and Autumn Gold sharing the locks

We are now moored a little way above Stockton Top Lock.  It’s very familiar here as our share-boat nb Kinver used to be moored at Stockton Top Marina, and we have stopped here many times on a Thursday evening ready to have it back early on the Friday change-over day.  There are apple trees here, loaded with fruit, but not ready for picking yet.  Pity, they would have been a great accompaniment to the blackberries I plan to pick later on.

SDC11040Tonight’s moorings

3.4 miles and 14 locks


  1. More about Composting Loos!
    The Airhead loo has a liquid container on the front held in place by 2 screws. The solids container is behind it connected to the seat portion, once disconnected(4 screws and a twist), two screws hold it in place on the floor mount. There are caps for each container, so when detached they are sealed. Container come out forwards in my fit. See web site:
    www.airheadtoilet.com, for details and pictures.
    Ken & Sue nb Cleddau

  2. I think many of us must have similar memories of those moorings! It must be nice to be there and not have to wash the roof...

    Briar Rose

  3. Brian www.cutweb.org.uk19 July 2011 at 22:47

    Windsong moors on the same mooring that we have just left at The Engine Arm

  4. Thanks Ken and Sue, will look into it.

    Adam - you are not wrong!!!


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