Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fenny Compton to Cropredy…

It was foggy this morning!  Very unusual to get fog in July, but it was a very wet night, and when the sun came up this morning I suppose that caused the fog.  It cleared very quickly though, and by the time we set off, although cloudy, the sun came out occasionally.  The goal of the day was Cropredy, but with the idea that if we found a likely spot before then we would stop. But that never happened, so we continued on, through the five locks at Claydon, and three more, until we arrived at Cropredy.  As we approached we saw that, even though it was barely 12 o’ clock, it looked rammed.  We thought we weren’t going to be able to find a space, but as we came around the bend we saw that although the back end of the moorings above the lock was rammed nose to tail with about 8 boats, the rest was free.  Seemed a bit odd though, perhaps they all belonged to a cruising club.  We locked up and went to the shop, in the hope of finding more of the fantastic pork and red onion sausages that we bought last year, but sadly there were none – pork and chive instead!  We have booked into the Red Lion for a meal tonight.

SDC11061Elegant iron turnover bridge

SDC11062Fenny ‘tunnel’

SDC11063The first of the lift bridges, marking the border between Warwickshire and Oxfordshire

SDC11065Claydon Top Lock – and the end of the Oxford summit

5.7 miles and 8 locks

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