Saturday, 9 July 2011

Down the Avon…

This morning Rog was  woken up at 6.30 by lots of banging and crashing and loud voices outside our porthole – they were setting up stalls for some kind of market.  We were glad that we had decided to move downriver for the night.  We untied about 9 am and headed off.  The sun was shining, not quite ‘river weather’, but nearly, and the Avon was very pretty.  Two locks later (very hard locks, I hasten to add!) and we found a delightful spot just above Stan Clover lock.  We settled in for the day and then went for a walk after lunch around Luddington. There were some lovely cottages, a manor house, a village green, a cute little church, and not much else!  Back to Stratford tomorrow.

SDC10992Leaving Stratford

SDC10993Anonymous(or Weir Brake) Lock


SDC10995The railway bridge, remnant of the former Stratford to Cheltenham line which is now a footpath called The Greenway, part of National Route 5

SDC10999Stan Clover Lock

SDC10997Weir at Stan Clover Lock


SDC11001Lovely mooring

SDC11002Luddington Church




SDC11006Gorgeous ‘chocolate box’ cottages

2.9 miles and 2 locks


  1. maybe we should get young offenders to built more locks !!! Lol

    Lou xxx

  2. ha ha - but they could come and work them for us!!


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