Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stan Clover Lock-Stratford-Wootton Wawen…

On Sunday we returned to Stratford to moor at the recreation Ground again.  It was a hot and sunny day and the Rec Ground was rammed with people, as expected.  In the afternoon we were treated to the Salvation Army Band playing on the bandstand, and then later on a local ‘Songs of Praise’ was held, with the band providing the accompaniment.

SDC11007View upstream from our mooring at Stan Clover Lock

We collected Mum from the station yesterday morning, and spent the rest of the day catching up with family gossip.

SDC11008The Avon is so clear you can see the bottom

This morning we set out on the return trip up the Stratford – we have decided to hang a right at Kingswood Junction and go down the Grand ‘Onion’ to Warwick (Hatton flight? – no problem after Tardebigge!!)  We thought we would have to call BW out at Lock 39 as something was jamming the gates, first Rog couldn’t get the bottom gate open enough for me to get in the lock, then couldn’t close it.  I climbed the ladder to help, but still no joy, so Rog got back on the boat and I let some water down to see if we could flush it out.  No luck.  Rog then made use of the pole and said it felt like a brick or something. He managed to move it a little way and then with strong use of the prop, he managed to blow it out of the way and I got the gate shut.  We moored up at Wootton Wawen, and asked the next boat to come through if they had any problems at the lock and they said they hadn’t, so it looks like it’s ok now.  We will have a meal in the Navigation tonight.

SDC11010Mum watching me work

SDC11012Must be the narrowest bridge on the whole system, barely room to squeeze through

Sunday – 2.9 miles and 2 locks

Tuesday – 6.9 miles and 18 locks

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