Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dick-dancing at Lapworth…

A broken night again as Cassie had a mini-fit about 2 am, and we were up walking the towpath again – well Russ was anyway.  He came and woke us 20 minutes later, but by then she was almost back to normal, so we were back in bed by 2.35.

An uneventful cruise to the top of Lapworth.  Russ worked both lift bridges which is what he’s here for, after all.  We pulled up to the first lock just behind a Canal Boat Holidays hire boat, and we helped them through as they hadn’t a clue what they were doing.  At the next lock they waved us through, which was unusually considerate, explaining that they would be very slow.  A couple of locks further on we met an exodus from Stratford Festival, boat after boat coming up the locks – all getting out of our way which was great.  Until locks 13 and 14!  At lock 13, a Trust boat full of Cloggies  (Dutch) was too impatient to wait until the pound had cleared before coming up the lock, consequently, there was a lot of dick-dancing before it was sorted out – the Trust boat just sat in the lock expecting us to move out of their way so they could go straight into the next.  And Rog being polite, did so – even though he cursed and swore!  The same thing happened at the next lock!  This time was two Vicking Aground Afloat boats, crewed by cheese-eating surrender monkeys French bods!  At least the first boat up the lock had the sense to get out of the way, but Rog still had to also get out of the way for the second boat to go into the lock!  What a farce!  We continued on to the basin and used the services, then through the next lock (no 21).  By then it was raining big time and we decided to moor up.  We will take the short walk up the connecting arm to the Grand Union and go to the Navigation for a meal tonight.

SDC10900Hockley Heath

SDC10903This is what I like to see!

SDC10906Getting busy – they all knew we had an inexperienced helmsman so they got out of our way!

SDC10907Dick dancing

SDC10908Dick dancing again


SDC10909Kingswood Junction with it’s barrel-roofed cottage, unique to the Stratford

6.4 miles and 19 locks

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