Friday, 8 July 2011

Stratford on Avon pictures…

This morning, we said a sad goodbye to Russ and waved him off to the station – we have loved having him with us for a few days, not least for his muscle on the locks, although at 6ft 2in and with a build like a brick s**t-house, he does take up a lot of room!  We are missing him already.  Cassie is suicidal, and refuses to have anything to do with us!   She has spent most of the day curled up on her bed giving us evil looks, and has been very badly behaved on her walks!

After doing a bit of shopping we went down the lock to moor at the Recreation Ground on the Avon.  The weather today has been very mixed, sunshine one minute, then heavy rain the next.  We shall be hanging around for a few days as Mum is coming to see us on Monday.  Tomorrow the plan is to go down-river for a few locks, as long as the weather is ok, and then return here on Sunday, ready to pick Mum up from the station on Monday morning.

SDC10960Bancroft Basin

SDC10961Royal Shakespeare Co theatre


SDC10963Beautiful buildings at every turn, but spoilt by heavy traffic, so I gave up trying to photograph them!

SDC10964“Alas, poor Yorick”

SDC10965Prince Hal


SDC10967Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble

SDC10968The ‘Bard’ himself

SDC10971‘David Bailey’ at it again!

SDC10987Holy Trinity Church

SDC10988The RSC from our mooring – not the prettiest of buildings

SDC10989Our mooring at the Recreation Ground

SDC10990Stratford has a huge flock of Swans – these are but a few

SDC10991‘Who’s the Daddy?’  This large cob spent his time patrolling behind all the other swans, keeping them in order!

SDC10977Tramway Bridge, by night

SDC10981Bancroft Basin by night

0.25 miles and 1 lock

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