Friday, 29 July 2011


This morning we set off for Oxford.  We were shocked at the state of the Visitor moorings as we neared the city – most were overgrown and virtually impossible to get into – hence the fact that nobody was there.  I said last year that Oxford doesn’t give much of a welcome to it’s water-borne visitors as we came up the Thames – the same can be said about the canal!  We continued on and managed to get a mooring opposite College Cruisers, just before Isis lock, in the shadow of St Barnabas Church, whose bell rings every hour – I won’t hear it tonight, I wear earplugs!

We went into the city centre this afternoon and took an open-topped bus tour of the city – we’re not into getting sore feet tramping around the sights on foot!  A quick wander around looking for somewhere to buy a few provisions afterwards, and we were back at the boat by 4 o’clock.  Rog went for another wander after a bit and found a Chinese take-away which we will use tonight.  We contemplated going out for a meal, but we don’t like leaving Cassie alone too much and as she was on her own most of the afternoon, we decided that we shouldn’t leave her again this evening (especially as her next fit is due any day now!)  We will go down Isis lock and turn and head on out again tomorrow morning.

SDC11097Dukes Cut and Lock leading to the Thames – not this time!


Visitor moorings?


A few views of Oxford sights follow, but I can’t remember which was where, the Colleges all seemed to blend into one!




SDC11119The New Bodleian Library

SDC11121The Ashmolean Museum

5.2 miles and 4 locks

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