Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Only 3 locks? Felt like 9 or 10!…

I was surprised to discover that we’d only travelled 3.6 miles today and done 3 locks – it took an unprecedented 3 hours as we had to queue at all of them.  And it felt like 9 or 10 because I worked all of them at least 3 times if not 4!  Ok, not on my own, but I helped everyone up or down.  There seems to be a marked lack of willingness to help others this year.  It’s boring waiting in the queue if you don’t go to the lock and wind a paddle or two, and open a gate or two, and have a chat while you are doing it.  If we didn’t do that, the only person we would speak to is each other. 

Moored now just north of Aynho Wharf, and hoping that nb Triskaideka makes it this far today coming in the opposite direction.  If not we will see them tomorrow.

SDC11076Aynho Weir lock – it is only about 8 inches deep, so diamond shaped to allow more water down each time the lock is used.

SDC11078 Aynho Weir


There is a railway line just over the other side of the canal, and when this train stopped for signals, we saw the name of the loco and thought it fitted our travels this year:


CassieWhen Russ was with us he took this lovely photo of Cassie, and he’s just emailed it to me – I thought I’d share it.

3.6 miles and 3 locks


  1. Pip
    That is such a great photo of Cassie - you must frame it and give it pride of place aboard Windsong!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS picture of Cassie - so alive!!!

    I had hoped I would catch you up on my southern journey but I see you have had an epic couple of days!


  3. Lesley - we plan to

    Bones - will be passing you in Thrupp tomorrow - might be early though so if it is we won't beep!


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