Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kissing Cousins…

First we had the Beacon Twins (Windsong and Serenity) now we have Kissing Cousins!  Ali and John on nb Triskaideka (Beacon’s latest launch, No 13) duly arrived at Aynho at about 6.45 yesterday evening.  We first met Ali and John at Sawley Boat Show two years ago when Windsong was newly launched, have always got on well, and have seen each other from time to time over the intervening two years.  Conversation started immediately, then we rang the pub to check they could fit us in for a meal, showers were had and off to the Great Western we went.  We had a really lovely meal, which made up for the not so good one in the Red Lion the other evening, and chattered non-stop as we caught up with each others doings since we saw them last.  They have certainly been getting around since Triskaideka’s launch in June.  We needed a torch to light our way back to the boats, and were invited for coffee.  It was well past midnight when we stopped talking long enough to look at the clock, and decided it was time we left and went to bed.  This morning we continued yacking for a while until it was time for us to leave.  It was lovely to see you both and Triskaideka looking so wonderful.  Enjoy the rest of your travels and we will see you in the winter we hope.

SDC11081Kissing Cousins, Triskaideka and Windsong, nose to nose

SDC11082Ali and John

We made a brief stop at Aynho Wharf for water and to change a gas bottle and continued on to Somerton Deep Lock, where we were 5th in the queue, with an equal number of boats waiting to come up.  An hour and a half later we were at last through.  Another two locks later we were still looking for somewhere suitable to moor, and have ended up a little way past Allen’s lock at Upper Heyford.  Not our ideal mooring spot as it’s quite hemmed in with trees, but good enough.

SDC11083Trying to pull away from Aynho Wharf – the Napton Narrowboats hire boat is going backwards, with a crew member balancing on the roof with a pole – pretending to walk a tightrope maybe?

SDC11085No 5 in the queue for Somerton Deep

SDC11086Fed up with waiting

SDC11087Down the lock at last

SDC11089Church, Manor House and 15th Century Tithe Barn below Allen’s Lock

5.4 miles and 3 locks

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