Saturday, 30 April 2011

Anderton to Bartington Wharf…

This morning we travelled back up the Anderton Boat Lift and turned left onto the Trent & Mersey.  Not a long journey today as it was already 12.30 by the time we were on our way.  Even though we had only been on the river a few days, progress seemed extremely slow on this shallow and narrow part of the T & M.  We came through two tunnels, Barnton Tunnel and Saltersford Tunnel.  Both were quite narrow and very bendy – Saltersford had so many bends that you couldn’t see the other end, and there is a timetable stating when northbound and southbound boats can enter.  The wind had also become quite strong, so we had to use a little more speed that usual past moored boats, otherwise they would have been ‘wearing’ us!  We are moored for the night just past Bartington Wharf where Black Prince have a hire base.

SDC10484Waiting to ascend

SDC10485Caissons passing

SDC10486View from the top

SDC10488Leaving the Lift behind

SDC10489Entering Barnton Tunnel

SDC10490Saltersford Tunnel

SDC10494Inside Saltersford Tunnel

3 miles and 0 locks

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