Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flying high…

We expected to wake to pouring rain this morning, as per the forecast and were fully prepared to remain where we were all day – but it proved to be not too bad, still cloudy and dull, but not too windy.  We decided to make a run for it, and at least get the two locks at New Marton out of the way, and then see how we felt.

20110405 The top lock had a lovely spring garden

20110405-2Starting to look decidedly Welsh

We decided to continue on a little bit, and the wind got stronger and stronger, but seemed to be coming in gusts – every time we thought we’d stop, the wind dropped.  So we went for it – the first of the aqueducts – Chirk.

20110405-22First view of Chirk aqueduct and Viaduct – in the centre of the picture, you can just make out the arches – opened in 1801 and consists of an iron trough carried on 10 masonry arches

20110405-5Serenity just entering the aqueduct, the viaduct on the left

20110405-9Followed by Windsong

20110405-8The River Ceiriog, 70 feet below


Just the stone edge between the boat and open air – seemed like we were flying

20110405-11Welcome to Wales

20110405-14Looking back

Chirk tunnel proved tricky as the flow of water against us kept pulling the boat onto the left hand wall – and it was hard to see down to the waterline – not helped by the boat at the other end shining his tunnel light straight in our eyes all the way through.



We are now moored just short of Froncysyllte, with tomorrows challenge ahead of us – we took a walk up the towpath a little way for a glimpse of the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct

20110405-21Tomorrow’s challenge, and very impressive it looks too!

This is yesterday’s blog – we had no signal to post it last night – today’s will be written tomorrow

8 miles, 2 locks and 1 big aqueduct!


  1. looks gorgeous! I bet Roger did the aquaduct inside the boat with a whisky? ;) have fun!

  2. Enjoyed your photographs, we will be up there in month (just to give you time to escape us!)

  3. Ally - no, he drove this one, it was the Pontcysyllte that he did inside!!

    Tyson - leaving Llangollen tomorrow, heading for the Monygomery, and then to Chester. Electricity should be on in the basin by the time you get here.


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