Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flying very high this time…

Yesterday morning we did what we came for – the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct!  Rog doesn’t like heights so we agreed that he would go inside the boat and I would drive us across.  It was a bit scary, but not too bad, and there was no wind so I managed just fine.  We refuelled at the Anglo Welsh yard at Trevor and then continued on to Llangollen, through stunning scenery and very shallow and narrow parts, but it was well worth the struggle – we seemed to come to a standstill sometimes. 

20110406-2Waiting for a hire-boat to clear the aqueduct before we entered

20110406-3Windsong flying

20110406-13The River Dee from the Aqueduct

20110406-42Photo courtesy of Ian – ( I just held my camera over the side and took a few without taking my eyes off the bow!)


20110406-14Looking back

20110406-17Stunning scenery, the photos don’t do it justice

20110406-26Moored in the basin

This morning, Karen, Ian and I made the two mile walk to Horseshoe Falls and back – I was a little disappointed as I expected something a little more spectacular, but, to be honest, we saw larger and more impressive weirs on the Thames last year.

SDC10302Horseshoe Falls

SDC10303The very end of the Llangollen Canal

This afternoon we were treated to some free entertainment when a party of local school children arrived in the basin on a rafting exercise – they had spent the early part of the week with some outward-bound university students receiving instruction on how to build a raft.  It was hilarious – one of the rafts was really well constructed and floated well, but too many pupils capsized it as soon as it was put in the water – the other raft was a disaster, but at least floated.  A great deal of fun was had by all, and they went away very wet, but very happy at about 3 o’clock.




SDC10311Due to some extremely foul play, the raft which was falling apart won the first race, but not the second

SDC10312I wonder which team listened to their tutors!


  1. If you are that nervous on the aqueduct, on the way back, tie the tiller in the middle, & once on to the tank part BOTH go inside ! the boat will find its own way accross !!

  2. Happy Birthday Rog! Hope you have had a good day!

  3. Alf - actually, I was ok and quite enjoyed it!No problem on the way back.

    Ali & John - thanks for the birthday greetings, he had a good one!



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