Friday, 22 April 2011

Catch-up time…

Right, where did I get too?  Oh yes, Grindley Brook.

Saturday 16th April

We moved from Grindley Brook to just above Baddiley Locks, stopping at Wrenbury on the Way to visit the Chandlers at the boat hire base.  We had ordered so drive belts on the way up the Llangollen to be collected on the way back, but they had ordered the wrong size, so we came away empty handed.

6.8 miles and 4 locks

Sunday 17th April

We made a short trip to just beside Bridge 4, a little way above Hurleston Locks, and the junction with the Shroppie.  We made another trip to Snugbury’s Ice Cream shop to buy some more as it was so yummy – this time I bought a tub of  Raspberry Ripple – however, it proved to have no raspberry and no ripple – just vanilla, but it was nice anyway!

SDC10372Our mooring near Snugbury’s

3.6 miles and 5 locks

Monday 18th April

We had quite a long day, travelling down Hurleston Locks, and turning left onto the Shroppie on our way to Chester

SDC10374Hurleston Locks

SDC10387Bunbury Staircase Locks – but no Bunbury Shuffle

SDC10389Past a few working boats on their way to Ellesmere Port for the Easter Rally

SDC10390Early bluebells

SDC10392Beeston Castle

We moored for the night by the Shady Oak pub, and had a very nice meal.

7.9 miles and 10 locks

Tuesday 19th April

We made an early start as we wanted to get moored up in Chester Basin by about 2  pm.  We made really good time -  didn’t do us much good though as when we arrived at Hoole Lane Lock, about 11 am we found that it was broken and there were about 10 boats ahead of us waiting for BW to fix it.  We got the chairs out and sat on the towpath in the sun and chilled.  We eventually got through the lock about 4pm, after BW had patched up the hole where the paddle had fallen off with a piece of plywood. (We hear that it broke again yesterday!).  The staircase locks in Chester are impressive, and by the time we got to the basin it was full of working boats – we continued on to the golf course where we moored for the night.

SDC10395Early morning mist

SDC10397Waiting while the men went down to find out if Hoole Lock would be fixed any time soon

SDC10400The culprit



SDC10411Approaching the staircase

SDC10413In the staircase – it’s a long way down!

12.2 miles and 8 locks

Wednesday 20th April

We turned at the nearest winding hole and headed back towards Chester Basin, expecting to see a long line of working boats coming towards us – how wrong can you be!!  They were all still there, but luckily a hire-boat left just as we arrived, so we squeezed in and breasted up.  We then went for a walk around the city walls – more photos of Chester

SDC10417Kings Tower

SDC10418The Catherdral


SDC10421The River Dee

SDC10422Chester castle


After our walk, we had a delicious lunch in Telford’s Warehouse, entertainment thrown in as  boats continued to arrive all day, and soon we were surrounded by historic boats.  98% of the crews were friendly and chatty, but one or two looked down their noses at our ‘shiny’ boats and acted like we shouldn’t have been there!  We were the only pleasure boats in the basin, bar two across the other side on what looked like permanent moorings.

In the evening, Rog’s cousin Cath, husband Steve and boys Rob and Liam came over to see us – we went to the pub!!

4 miles and 0 locks

Thursday 21st April

We left Chester and returned the way we had come, mooring between Egg Bridge and Hargrave.  At the Cheshire Cat pub at Christleton we spotted a familiar boat.

SDC10432-1  nb Gypsy Rover – Derek and Dot, this one’s for you

5.5 miles and 8 locks

Good Friday, 22nd April

Another short day, moored now at Wharton’s Lock enjoying the sunshine.

5.3 miles and 1 lock

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