Friday, 15 April 2011

Ellesmere to Grindley Brook…

On Wednesday, as the weather forecast was very poor, we decided to have a rest day and stay where we were.  The hire-boats were out in force, and Rog witnessed a couple of ‘domestics’ and an argument which almost ended in fisticuffs in Ellesmere Basin, as two hire-boaters squabbled over a mooring spot.  The weather proved not as bad as feared, but there was a very cold wind, so we went looking for a geocache at Blake Mere, which we found without problem.

Yesterday, we left Ellesmere in slightly milder weather and headed for Whitchurch.  We had an entertaining day with hire boaters all over the place, and that includes side on across the canal!  The water-point at Bettisfield was fun, for a change we were there first, but by the time we had got the water running there were 3 boats waiting, and a hire boat obviously didn’t catch on and tried to pull into the space as Serenity left – expecting to jump the queue – we soon disabused them of that idea, and they continued on in a huff!

20110415Bettisfield water point

20110415-2The procession of boats along the straight between Bettisfield and Prees Junction, 6 going the same way as us, and 3 coming towards us

20110415-3We stopped about half an hour short of Whitchurch

Having moored we went for a walk along the course of the old Cambrian Railways Whitchuch to Welshpool line – it was very interesting, and there were signs of the old railway all the way along.


10.24 miles and 0 locks

This morning we continued on to Whitchurch, planning to meet up with nb Caxton and nb Matilda Rose, knowing they were moored there.  We got a warm welcome and tea and coffee, and caught up with each others’ news before continuing on our way, and letting them continue on theirs towards Ellesmere (and the Monty for MR)

20110415-11L-R, Ian & Karen (Serenity) Joe (Caxton) Jill & Graham (MR) Lesley (Caxton) & Rog

20110415-12On their way

20110415-14We continued on, down Grindley Brook Locks, we had a long wait as there were 6 boats in the queue to go down.  I was allowed to drive in the staircase for a change.

We are now moored between the bottom of Grindley Brook  and the next set of locks.

3.65 miles and 6 locks

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