Monday, 25 April 2011

Cholmondeston to Middlewich…

After a nice lazy day off yesterday, including a superb steak bbq (compliments to the chef!) we set off this morning for Middlewich.  Another beautiful day (can’t believe it’s only April).  This is a lovely rural canal, with beautiful views all around due to the often quite high embankments, carrying you high above the valley of the River Weaver, and we had a very picuresque morning’s cruising.  We have moored just before Stanthorn Lock, just short of Middlewich itself. 


SDC10439The village of Church Minshull in the distance

SDC10440Jacobean style house beside Bridge 14

SDC10441Converted canal horse stables, between bridges 18 and 19, lovingly converted into dwellings after years lying derelict

SDC10442Cottage adjacent the stables

SDC10444Top Flash – a subsidence induced lake beside the River Weaver

SDC10445Our mooring, with Rog having got his tackle out (!)

SDC10446Spotted just as I was finishing writing the blog, a proper little Easter duckling, all fluffy and yellow among it’s more dowdy siblings – all together now - Ahhhh

7.4 miles and 2 locks

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