Sunday, 3 April 2011

Whitchurch to Ellesmere…

It was to be a lock-free day yesterday, with just a few lift bridges to contend with, most of which were left open.  We were second to last in a 6 boat convoy, until the Canal Time boat behind us stopped, which made us last.  At one lift bridge there were 2 cars and a van waiting to cross, so when we were through Rog let me off to close the bridge – no idea how long they had been there, and they weren’t happy – still, not our fault if someone else left the bridge open!

Most of the way we had wide open countryside, no roads or railways, and just birdsong for company.  At Prees Junction we passed Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses Nature Reserve.  Approaching Ellesmere we passed 2 of it’s seven Meres.  We are now moored in the arm which leads to the town centre, and it’s nearby Tesco – which we took advantage of this morning.

20010402-3Looks like we got us a convoy!

20010402-2Spotted this – looks like he misjudged the bend!

20010402-4Prees Junction, the start of the old Prees Arm which now just leads to Whixall Marina

20010402-5After Prees Junction we briefly entered Wales and then left again

20010402-9Cole Mere

20010402-11Blake Mere

20010402-12Entering Ellesmere Tunnel

20010402-15Our moorings in the Arm


20010402-17Ellesmere Wharf

11.2 miles and 0 locks

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