Saturday, 23 April 2011

Beeston Castle to Cholmondeston…

Our mooring at Wharton’s Lock yesterday was overlooked by Beeston Castle.  Ian and Karen took a walk up to the castle, but I declined as I knew the climb would be really steep, and my knees don’t like ‘steep’ – going up or coming down!

DSCF0020Beeston Castle

We had a bbq in the evening, and just as we had finished eating, the thunderstorm that had been threatening for a while arrived.  Although the thunder and lightening were quite intense, it didn’t do much more than spit with rain until later on


SDC10433Stormy skies

After much deliberation this morning we decided to move on and get onto the Middlewich Branch of the Shroppie.  The first lock we hit was Beeston Iron Lock.  Although originally built as a wide lock, the sides, being iron have buckled and it is advised that only one boat uses it at a time.  There was quite a queue to go up and come down so it took quite a while until we were through.  After that we had a clear run up to Bunbury Staircase Lock – this time we did the Bunbury Shuffle with one boat coming down as we were going up.  Unfortunately, neither Ian or I (we were working the lock) had our cameras with us, so no photos.  We stopped at Calverley to fill with water and empty loos, and then continued to Barbridge Junction and the Middlewich Branch and on to Cholmondeston Lock where we are now moored – we will stay here tomorrow.

SDC10435Turning on to the Middlewich Branch at Barbridge Junction

SDC10437Our mooring just above Cholmondeston Lock – Cassie is very confused because for the first time in ages there isn’t a ditch for her to go and get muddy in!

6 miles and 5 locks

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