Sunday 17 January 2010

Only a week late!….

On Friday we at last managed to get up to Pillings Lock Marina to empty the saloon ready for Neil to start work on the alterations to the dinette.  We had planned to go the week before, but we had another heavy fall of snow and decided that our journey “wasn’t really necessary”.  Then we had planned for last Monday and again the weather stopped us.  The next tentative date was Wednesday, but on phoning Ali when we woke up to even more snow, she said that it was really treacherous on the roads up there and not to come.  So, when it started to rain on Thursday, we decided that Friday was the day!  I can’t remember being so pleased to see rain.

The boat was freezing, but we didn’t plan to be there long so we just put the Webasto on to take the chill off and to have somewhere to warm our hands up (the radiator!)  We managed to get the bases off the chairs and squeeze them through the doors into the bedroom and the rest was easy!  All in all it took us less than an hour.  Anyway, all done now, so Neil can start.

Hopefully it won’t take him too long to do the work – will keep you all up to date with progress.

Monday 4 January 2010

Just a quick update…

to let you all know that we are still alive and kicking, and residing at Mum’s!!!  Rog has an infected big toe which has required frequent trips to the doc, and 3 courses of antibiotics (so far!)  so we thought it wise to stay near our own doctor for the time being, as we don’t want to neglect it for fear of it becoming worse.

We took Mum down to see Emma, Ben and the girls on New Years’ Eve, and had a lovely day with them, then spent a quiet evening in with the telly.

We are planning to go back to the boat on Thursday to clear out the saloon for Neil to begin work on the dinette.  We had also hoped to move the boat nearer to the car-park, but unless there is an unexpected thaw, that will be a no-go, it will just have to stay where it is for the time being.

Don’t give up reading the blog – I know there is nothing of interest for everyone at the mo, but we will be back in business eventually!!