Friday 14 January 2011

A visit from ‘boaty’ friends

Karen and Ian, our friends and last summer’s travelling companions came over to inspect our new lodgings yesterday.  We couldn’t meet ‘boaty’ friends and not go and get a canal fix, so after lunch we drove over to Foxton Locks for a walk.  It was so dead that not even the locky was around.

We had a walk and took a few pictures (again!!), had a look at the inclined plane in the hope that work may have started on the restoration since the last time we were there 18 months ago (it hadn’t) and then went for a cuppa at Bridge 61
While we were cruising over the summer, Ian was always bemoaning the fact that he could hardly ever get a ‘proper’ pie whenever we ate in pubs.  By ‘proper’ he means made with short crust pastry rather than puff or flaky, and with a bottom as well as a top.  So for a treat, I made him one for dinner last night – steak and kidney! I haven’t made one for years, but I’m pleased to say it turned out beautifully!!  I’m sure it won’t be the last!!