Tuesday 29 December 2009

A quick trip to Pillings….

After a very quiet and restful Christmas at Mum’s in Northampton, we made a quick trip up to Pillings Lock Marina to check up on the boat, and to meet Neil from Beacon to discuss the changes to the dinette.  There was still a lot of ice in the marina, and sight of the ducks standing on top of the ‘water’ made me chuckle.  The boat was fine – we turned everything on again, and checked that water flowed out of the taps, and not all over the floor!  It was freezing inside, so while we waited for Neil to arrive, we lit the stove and turned on the Webasto then decamped to the cafe for a warming latte.  Neil arrived just as we were settling down in the warm, so joined us for a cuppa, after which we returned to the boat, which was much warmer by then.  After much discussion and measuring up, Neil left and we closed up the boat again, and returned to Mum’s.  We will need to go back next week to clear a bit of stuff out of the saloon to make room for Neil to work, and to move the boat to a pontoon nearer to the car park so he doesn’t have too far to carry stuff when he’s working.

We hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Christmas Greetings….


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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year

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Thursday 17 December 2009

The launch of Singing Hinny…

Today saw the launch of Beacon Boats No 10 – no longer are we their newest ‘baby’ on the system!  Being moored for a while at Pillings Lock Marina, we were in an ideal situation to watch and photograph the launch.  With fingers crossed that it would go more smoothly than our launch, we wandered up to the slip at about 10 o’clock.  The boat was just arriving on the lorry, shortly followed by the crane, and Ali and Neil.

SDC10449 SDC10450

Still on the lorry

SDC10451Mick and Ingrid, the proud owners, Mick nervously clutching his bottle of beer to ‘christen, the boat

SDC10452 Up

SDC10453 Up a bit more

SDC10454 Around

SDC10455 And down

SDC10456 Heading for the water just as it started to snow!

SDC10459 Bottom wet

SDC10460 The moment she was afloat for the very first time

SDC10461 Free at last!

At which point we repaired to the cafe for hot drinks and a full English!!! 

The launch went without a hitch, thank goodness.  Congratulations to Mick and Ingrid on a lovely boat – we hope you have many happy hours aboard.

A spooky experience…

We made an appearance at Beacon’s Open weekend on Sunday – what a spooky experience that was, walking into the workshop and seeing an almost identical boat to ours.



Mick and Ingrid, the owners have chosen what seems to have become Beacon’s signature colours – everyone who sees them likes them so much that they choose the same for their boat!  They also have scrolls the same as ours, but in a slightly different position.  We chatted with some prospective customers, and made the most of the coffee and mince pies – although the wood burner in the workshop was going it was still freezing in there, most of the heat going out of the chimney.

A lovely week with my ‘girls’

Last Monday I went down to Wheeler End Common, near High Wycombe, to spend a few days with daughter Emma, and granddaughters Flo and Milly  (son-in law Ben was away).  On Monday afternoon we took Flo to ballet (Milly was itching to join in as she loves to dance, but she’s not old enough for the 3-5yrs class yet).

SDC10473Flo in her ballet outfit  -  sweet enough to eat!

On Tuesday evening Emma went to work (she’s a Slimming World Consultant) and after I’d put the girls to bed, I indulged in the one thing I miss living on a boat – a long, hot soak in the bath!!!  It was divine!!!

We spent some time sorting baby clothes for the new baby, and then promptly broke the washing machine when we put the first load in – all fixed now though.

SDC10423 Flo and Milly on a walk with the dog


Emma and No3 on the same walk (told you I’d get you back for taking the p**s, Emma!)

We took Flo to Gymnastics on Thursday afternoon, but I got told off for taking photos without permission (none of which came out as they were taken from behind glass!)– do I look like a pervert??  I know that they have to be careful, but it was quite obvious that I was a grandma!!

On Friday, Rog came down to pick me up and we went to the girls’ Pre-school Christmas play – they were both wonderful, singing a little song that Flo made up about Pudsey Bear.