Tuesday 26 March 2013

Still here…..

As the last time I blogged was to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I thought it was about time we let everyone know that we are still alive!

Having settled into our new ‘land-locked widebeam’, we had to vacate on Jan 15th for 2 months, as this is a holiday park and so we are not allowed to be resident for more than 10 months.  So the park closes until March 15th.  We spent the 8 1/2 weeks at my Mum’s (believe me, I counted every one of those 61 days), but the less said about that the better!  We moved out a day early because it was snowing heavily, and we wanted to do the ‘drain-down’ before the weather got too bad (drain-down is what they call it in ‘mobile home speak’ – boater’s of course use the correct term – ‘winterizing’)!

Having survived our forced sojourn, we moved back in on March 16th, having come over and connected everything up again and turned on the water, our fingers crossed and our hearts in our mouths, that the pipes were still intact!  Phew, they were!  We had thought that the weather would be getting a little warmer by the time we came back, but no, it only went and bloody snowed again, and snowed and snowed!!!  Still, we are warm and cosy, and, although we had quite a bit over the course of Saturday and Sunday, we got off lightly compared with some.


Ozzy had a lovely time in the woods where I walk him every day


Ozzy’s version of ‘snow angels’


‘Spot the Dog’ competition – answers on a postcard please

Windsong was booked to come out of the water for blacking on April 5th.  We heard today that work to the crane had been delayed and all crane outs had to be put back by 2 weeks, so now it’s not happening until April 18th.  So our summer cruising will be further delayed.  However, if we get some decent weather before then we may well go out for a few days to get Ozzy used to living on the boat – all he’s had so far is day trips.