Saturday 11 October 2008

Nearly there...

We paid another visit to XR & D yesterday, maybe our last visit as the shell is nearly finished - only about another week or two's work left to do now. However, we may go up again during the last week of the month to see her fully finished and decked out in her 'battleship grey' before she moves to Beacon for them to commence fitting out.
The bow

'Superbuilder' Gaz almost managed to avoid being photographed this time!

Chris & Lee - Lee is not in overalls because he's recovering from a back injury and only allowed to do things like paperwork and make tea

Bow well deck

Recessed panels where the boat name will be painted

How sad is this!! - Rog's engine still encased in plastic

Don't think much of this cafe - I had to carry the tea!!

After leaving XR & D we then went to Beacon of a 'fix' and to have a look at the progress of their current boat, 'Merryweather'. This is also nearly finished, and will be out of the workshop soon to make room for 'Windsong'. Sheila from S.A.B. Signs has made a superb job of the boat name, with a gorgeous little Cornish 'piskie' sitting on a toadstool underneath. Unfortunately, we forgot to get a photo before we left but will try to get Ali to take one and email it to me. Sheila will also be painting our boat name, and I am now desperately trying to think of a picture that we can use to do her beautiful artwork justice - all ideas will be most welcome!


  1. Hi Pip
    Those recessed panels look grand!

    On the illustration - how about musical notes, the opening bars of 'Chicago' as that is the windy city

    Please though, not the Wind is Whistling by Kate Bush or

    Wind me up before you gogo

  2. Hi Lesley

    Thanks for your idea - but that isn't quite the Windsong we had in mind! (the alternate name that I threatened to call the boat was something along the lines of Sponge Rog Farty Pants!!) We are currently toying with the idea of an embarrased cherub with a puff of wind appearing from it's rosy buttocks - with 'Gas Street' underneath! Thought it might raise a chuckle from passersby!


  3. And there was me being polite, I'll know better next time...

  4. Hi Pip

    Just found your blog...Shell looks fantastic and will now follow with interest.
    Will add you to our bloggers list
    and good luck with the build


  5. Thanks, Del & Al, for your good wishes. We have been following your blog for some time - Derwent6 is looking superb, and looks like you are nearly ready for launch - bet, like us, you can't wait!

    Pip & Rog - nb Windsong


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