Monday 24 November 2008

Narrowboat World

Rog was reading Narrowboat World on Saturday, and found a review of nb Merryweather, written by Pam Pickett, who had attended Beacon Boats' Open Day. The review was great, Beacon Boats was praised as "rapidly establishing a reputation not only in the best traditions of boat building as an ‘honest broker’ but for superb customer service before, during and after the build. " I must say that we agree whole-heartedly, and feel very lucky to have found them - purely by chance. Having read a review of one of their earlier boats - nb Golcar Lily, in Canalboat magazine, I emailed them to find out what the make of oven and hob was, as it was just what I wanted. We were subsequently invited to their Open Day which was happening the following weekend, and, the rest, as they say, is history!

I spoke to Neil at Beacon on Saturday - he says that the battening is almost finished, and the ballast and sub-floor is down. We will be finalizing the electrics this week, and will probably go up again next Saturday for a look - I will ask Ali to send me a couple of photos meantime.


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